A Brief Review of Change Maker by John Berardi

A Brief Review of Change Maker by John Berardi

Change Maker was the first book on my #75Hard Reading list, and I finished it this morning.

I decided to pick it up because it was recommended in a FB group I’m a part of AND because I’m currently working through the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification.

This is really an excellent book that provides a plan for leveling up your career in all areas.

I think it’s largely aimed at Personal Trainers and Nutrition Coaches, or at least coaches of some type, though the worksheets, frameworks and principles Berardi provides would help anyone in any business.

There was one that stood out to me in particular.

In the chapter on Clients, he talks about interviewing current, and especially past clients, about your service.

Not just basic surface interviews though, real, in-depth explorations of what is going on with the folks that are in, and have left, your programs.

As a result he says,

This will help you finally discover what your clients really want, which has obvious advertising and marketing benefits. While everyone else is just promising surface solutions (Torch body fat now!), you’ll be able to promise something bigger that resonates with their unspoken needs as well as who they are on a deep level (Gain strength, confidence, and the ability to get what you want out of life).

Even more, it’ll help you deliver what your clients really want, adapting your products and services or creating new ones based on what you learned from speaking with your target audience.

Change Maker, p100.


And this book is full of plenty more.

Highly recommended.

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