Ascend the spiral staircase

Picture a house with a spiral staircase.

One that goes all the way around and leads to a room at the top.

Now imagine yourself walking up that staircase.

Even though it’s not as straightforward as a regular staircase, you probably know you are ultimately going to wind up at the room when you’re done climbing.

But imagine if an alien beamed down and stood next to you by this spiral staircase.

The alien doesn’t share the same concept of a staircase, because it (I don’t assume alien genders… lol) can just teleport around.

So you try to explain about just following the stairs up to the room.

The alien can see the room from the bottom, so initially it makes sense.

So it starts to climb.

But then something happens.

It reaches the point where the staircase twists around, and now the destination, which was in sight at the beginning, is behind the alien.

So it freaks out a little.

Because it doesn’t make any sense.

It doesn’t understand that the nature of the spiral staircase is that your ultimate destination will be out of sight for a period of the trip.

And it’s the same with life and business. 

It’s easy to see where you’re headed at the begining.

You have a goal in your sight.

But something funny happens once you start moving.

The path is not straight or linear.

You wind up with your back toward the goal and feel like you’re going the wrong way.

But what if you’re just at the spiral part of the metaphorical staircase?

This is similar to not being able to see the picture for being in the frame.

So I’m going to offer my copy consultation again.

It’s free, and I may be able to see something you don’t since I’m looking at the situation from the outside.

Click here for the details.

Talk soon,


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