Be happy for other people

One of my friends sent me a message on Facebook today telling me that someone from a company we both know was sending him a package of free stuff since his birthday was yesterday.

My main thought, and what I replied, was “Cool!”

It’s nice when companies do stuff like that for their customers.

But I had this brief flash that I instantly put back down that said:

“Why does he get free stuff? Did they give me free stuff for my birthday? I want free stuff!”

Like I said, I eliminated that thought from my head as soon as it entered.


Because that kind of negativity can pervade all areas of your life if you let it in to even one place like that.

Jealousy is another one of those wastes of mental energy.

Nothing good comes from it.

In fact, it brings bad stuff to you.

And it makes you a person no one wants to talk to.

No one wants to share good news with someone who just wonders why they didn’t get the same thing.

Which leads to people avoiding you…

Which leads to being surrounded by other people with similar mindsets…

Which just results in a bunch of negative people sending bad vibes all around to each other.

So when a friend or family member or loved one shares some good news…

Be happy for them.

Genuinely happy.

Share in the joy.

You may be surprised at what happens in your life when you start to adopt this attitude.

Just one of those mindset things that I happened to think about today.

Talk soon,


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