Dirty tricks and fake replies

Getting emails opened is one of the biggest challenges in email marketing.

After all, nothing about the content of the email matters if it doesn’t get opened and read.

Arguably, the subject line plays a very (if not the most) influential role in that process.

Get that part right and you’ve got a chance to move your reader to the next step.

That’s the point when your email copy starts to matter!

After all, if they open the message and you don’t hook them, then it’s over at that point.

But back to subject lines…

It’s hard to be clever with those all the time. 

Even the best writers are going to have subject lines that just don’t work.

That don’t pique curiosity or raise attention enough.

It helps to write subject lines that seem personal.

So you’d write the subject line as if you were writing to a friend.

We’re kinda wired to want to open that one.

But, in an attempt to get emails opened, some marketers are resorting to tactics that I find annoying.

The worst offender (IMO) is the “fake reply” subject line.

I just saw that in my inbox today.

That’s where you take an innocuous subject line and put “Re:” in front of it.

For example, “Re: Question on my order”


Because then, when you’re scanning your inbox, it looks like someone is replying to something you sent.

The one I saw today had “Re: Re:…” implying that it was an email thread, not just one message.

Now, I’m sure that probably works.

At least as far as increasing open rates.

But it’s kind of dishonest.

But worse, it’s pretty darn lazy copywriting.

It’s basically like saying you couldn’t think of anything interesting to write, so you resorted to trickery.

But given how much I’ve seen it, again, it must be getting emails opened. 

But you can do better than that.

You are better than that.

If you’re having trouble getting your emails opened, let’s look over some of them together.

You can book a free (non-sales call) copy consultation by clicking here…

We’ll look over whatever email or copy you have and get it working for you.

Details at the link.

Talk soon,


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