FOCUS and things start happening

Yesterday we talked about the magic of FOCUS.

(Follow One Course Until Successful, if you didn’t read).

But it’s not just a pithy saying.

As I mentioned, I’ve been guilty in the past of bouncing from thing to thing.

Shiny object syndrome.

Not applying myself.

What would happen is, I’d run into the end of my natural capabilities…

And things would become difficult…

So I’d start looking for something different to do.

That way I could rationalize doing more reading and watching courses…

Instead of actually doing something.

And I could justify it to myself.

But you know what it was?


It became a really fancy, complicated way of procrastinating.

Out of fear.

Fear of failure.

See, if I never actually put myself out there, then I couldn’t “fail.”

Or so I thought.

Turns out I was failing in a larger context that was more damaging.

I was failing to actually get anywhere.

Rather than trying and failing at a specific skill, I was failing to do anything.

The first kind of failure can make you better.

So can the second…

But only if you recognize and fix it.

So I realized that I needed to buckle down and really direct my energy toward one thing.

And I chose direct response marketing because I love it.

And something funny happened when I focused.

Opportunities started showing up.

Jobs appeared, projects came up.

I’m confident the same thing can happen for you.

If you feel like you’re stuck, check out my ebook, appropriately titled Get Yourself Unstuck.

Buy it here.

Let me know what you think.

Talk soon,


P.S. Have you picked something to focus on? Comment below and tell me about it.

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