More thoughts on your why

I’d say that just about anyone who has done any kind of business training or personal development is famiiar with the concept of finding your “why.”

In case you’re not, it’s that reason that will keep you going at your thing, no matter how hard it gets.

When your why isn’t strong, you tend to quit when times gets super rough.

For me personally, money is not a strong enough why.

I like money, and I like stuff, but when it gets down to it, I’m not willing to work hard at something I hate just for more money.

So your why has to be something that is truly important to you.

I got to thinking about this because I just got back from playing golf.

And no, golf is not my why.

However, playing golf with my sons and my dad IS my why.

I’m working hard at email copywriting for this reason.

The money can be good (though I’m still working on getting there), but the flexibility is unparalleled.

It allows me the freedom to spend more time with my family than I would if I was doing something else.

And even though certain things about it can be frustrating, and there’s no “security” (as if that really exists anywhere), I can weather those storms because my why is significant enough.

So take some time to really think about why you’re doing what you’re doing. 

If you have a business venture, I’m still offering free copy consultations.

You can book yours here.

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