What, me worry?

“Worry is just about the worst form of mental activity there is – 
next to hate, which is deeply self destructive.
Worry is pointless. It is wasted mental energy.”

I hadn’t even planned to go back to Conversations with God, but when I read that section, it really resonated with me.

So… more mindset stuff today!

This part struck me so much because worry is so common.

We all worry about stuff.

We all probably know people who seem programmed to worry.

But it truly is pointless.

What does it do?

Does it solve anything?

Does it make you feel better?

Does it help you figure out your way around the problem?


It is truly a waste of mental energy.

Instead of spending that energy on worry, put it toward solving your problem.

Pity yourself for 5 minutes and then get to work.

And check out these books, they’re very interesting.

If you’ve read them, comment and tell me what you think!

Talk soon,


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