When the universe sends you a wake-up call…

So about the title of this post.

I’m about to get real open, even though this is the first real post here…

I recently had my employment cut back from full-time to part-time (and the salary cut back accordingly).

That officially started today, in fact. 

Now, I could be really upset and terrified about the fact that my income (the only income in my household) just got slashed.

But strangely, I’m fairly calm.

I’ve been considering a switch in my focus for a little while now…

And it looks like the universe just delivered it. 

I’ve been half-in and half-out of the copywriting world for a few years now, but a student of it for a long time.

And I could have just jumped in at any point over the last few years.

But there was one piece that was missing.


And that’s something else I’ve been reading and studying a lot on lately.

And it has made a huge difference.

In fact, it was probably the difference between calmly making a new plan and freaking out when the “security” of my full-time employment went away.

And I feel like the universe is constantly sending these kind of messages… 

Sometimes we just ignore them, or aren’t ready to move forward.

Have you noticed anything like this in your life recently?

What messages are being sent your way right now?

Pay attention to what’s going on around you.

It could be the huge change you’ve been waiting for. 

Talk soon,


P.S. You can read more about mindset in my ebook: Get Yourself Unstuck. It contains a series of common mindset issues and steps to overcome them.

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