Why bother entering a crowded market?

I was on a call today and someone asked a question that I think sits in the back of a lot of minds.

He wanted to know why he should add his voice to a crowded maekertplace.

He named off a few famous “gurus” that he assumed people would buy from instead of him.

There are a couple of things at play here. 

The first is something that is super common to creatives and entrepreneurs…

Impostor syndrome.

This is where an individual (regardless of how skilled they are) feel like they are not capable of doing… whatever it is they do.

(Ironically, people that are the true impostors have no such inhibitions…)

No matter the level of success, people can still fall prey to impostor syndrome.

The second thing is comparison to others who appear more successful.

You may look at someone who is in the same field as you and is farther along and ask yourself why anyone would listen to you instead of them.

It’s a legitimate question too, but let’s take a look at something…

How many books are available on Amazon?

Quora tells me there are 32.8 million.

No one can read that many books, yet people are still writing them.

How many songs are on Spotify?

Once again, Quora says over 35 million.

Yet people still make music.

The top dogs are always going to get attention.

But here’s the thing:

YOU are going to resonate more with some people.

Maybe you have a more identifiable story than they do. 

Maybe someone likes the way you communicate your message better.

Whatever it is, there is an audience for you out there. 

Don’t let impostor syndrome or comparisons stop you from putting yourself out there.

Talk soon,


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