Will Smith validates my concept

Seriously, check it out here.

I think you should watch the whole thing, but that link should go from 8:15 where he talks about focus.

Now of course this is not MY concept.

Many have said it before, and here is Will Smoith saying it again.

Arguably, he’s a pretty successful guy!

And he says in the video there that, in order to have the level of success he wants, it’s hard to do it while spreading himself around a bunch of different projects. 

He says it takes a “desperate, obsessive focus.”

Believe me, if anyone would like to think that they could do a bunch of different things, it’s me.

I’ve had 4-5 jobs at once.

To people looking from the outside, it was pretty impressive.

But honestly, I could have been doing any one of them much better if I just focused on it.

Why be average at 5 things when you could be really good at one thing?

Or better yet…

Take the thing you’re best at and go at that with a desperate, obsessive focus.

Maybe you become world class at it.

But you’re squandering that potential by trying to spread yourself too thin in too many endeavors.

Make your strengths as strong as you can.

Go watch the whole video (it’s less than 10 minutes long).

Talk soon,


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