You can’t see the picture if you’re in the frame

Have you ever been around someone who seemed to completely lack self-awareness?

Someone who gave their talent far more credit than it was due?

I’m sure you have, and it probably made an impression on you.

And you realized that you never wanted to come across that way.

One thing that I’ve noticed with a lot of people is that they wind up going too far in the opposite direction.

It’s sort of like that impostor syndrome thing.

You may have a wide variety of valuable experience in your life and career, but not even realize it.

As a result, you feel like you don’t have anything of value to share with others.

Nothing you can teach.

So you hesitate to put yourself out there.

You say stuff like, “well, with all those people out there doing this, why would anyone listen to me?”

And I’ve written about this before, but someone needs your specific contribution, even in a crowded market.

And chances are, if you’re procrastinating on putting yourself out there, this is exactly what you’re experiencing.

Because you are so close, so intimately familiar with your situation, you just assume that there’s nothing remarkable about you.

But other people might look at the sum of your experience and see things that you are missing.

It can be the same when you write your own copy.

You are so close to the whole process, that things aren’t as clear as they can be to a third party.

That’s why I’m offering free, no strings attached sales copy consultations.

I’ll help you get your offer moving in the right direction.

There are still a few spots left.

Book yours here.

Talk soon,


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