You don’t email enough

“Who is this even from?”

I find myself saying that more days than not lately.

Here’s why.

I sign up for someone’s email list because I like something the wrote or posted, or they have a lead magnet that I want.

And I sign up for a LOT of email lists.

I get the welcome email, maybe a few more, but then what follows is…


Nothing happens after the intial one to few emails.

Then, seemingly randomly, they show up in my inbox.

But its been several weeks (or even months), and because they haven’t sent me anything on a regular basis…

I forgot who they were!

It’s even worse when the only time emails come in is when they have something to sell.

You gotta give me a little foreplay!

Because here’s the thing:

Even if I don’t actually read the emails that come in every day, if someone emails regularly, I see the name in my inbox.

Just seeing the name everyday, at the very least, keeps the fact that I did actually sign up for the list in the forefront of my mind.

And I might just read the emails.

And if they are a regular presence in my mailbox, I’m far less peeved when they pitch an offer.

Even if they pitch an offer everyday.

But if I’ve forgotten who you are, then it’s weird and sometimes even irritating when the emails show up.

Repetition breeds familiarity, even if all the emails aren’t opened.

This is something you can apply to whatever your thing is as well.

Send more emails (daily is best).

Make offers, even if it’s not to buy something.

Don’t be scared of people unsubscribing.

That’s actually a good thing!

One person I know who can teach you the ways of email is a guy named Geoff Stephen.

You can even start small with an outstanding basic marketing training program that will get you up and running fast.

it’s called Email Reboot Marketing Fundamentals, and it’s a paltry $12 for the time being.

Very much worth checking out.

Talk soon,


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